Dale's Stuff wrote:
> Hello,
> Trying to figure out what the criteria is for getting a domain listed
> in sa-blacklist.current, and more importantly how to be de-listed.

List: AFAIK, you only need to be the From: address on spam sent to one
of Will Stern's spamtrap.

Delist: Contact Will Sterns.
> For some reason one of my domains has all of a sudden been listed in
> the above listed db. Which is rather ironic since there are only 3
> active accounts at this domain. 1 used for a couple of mailing lists,
> 1 - postmaster (inbound email only) and 1 domain contact address for
> domains (also inbound only).

This really shouldn't matter.. *NOBODY* should be using this list. It's
too large and too hardware intensive, and too inaccurate to be useful.

As far as I know, sa-blacklist is only useful as a research project.

> My server had a hardware failure and was down for 10 days, when it
> came back up using the same IPs and mail server software the domain in
> question is bow banned all over the internet!
> I downloaded the latest release of SA tonight and do not see such a
> named db, but the people that have responded to me have indicated that
> this is somehow part of SA and that I need to come here to find out
> why I have been listed in order to be removed.
> I would like to see the evidence of any claimed spam or other
> inappropriate emails that would cause this domain to be listed as a
> banned server.
> The only thing I can think of is that this domain was subscribed to an
> apache hosted mailing list and of course during that time those
> messages would have bounced. But that would seem to be a pretty lame
> reason to add a domain to a global ban list.

AFAIK, sa-blacklist is highly automated.
> ---
> Site xxxx.com (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) said in response to MAIL FROM (550
> Banned from (user@colony.net) sa-blacklist.current)
> ---

Wow, someone is actually running that file... what a nice self-inflicted