I have an older slackware 9 box running SA, and I have compiled and
installed GPG (1.4.2) into /usr/local/bin, running sa-update from cron
gives me this error: "error: gpg required but not found!"

I've found that comes from here:

if ($GPGPath =
Mail::SpamAssassin::Util::find_executable_in_env_p ath($GPGPath))
{ dbg("gpg: found $GPGPath");

else {
die "error: gpg required but not found!\n";

The crontab has this though:


33 2 * * * sa-update --channelfile /etc/mail/sa-update.conf --gpgkey
856AA88A && /etc/rc.d/rcspamassassin restart

Shouldn't that PATH be enough to setup the environment to find gpg
in /usr/local/bin?

Also, curious how people run sa-compile from cron, do you just run
sa-compile after every sa-update? I was thinking this:

33 2 * * * sa-update --channelfile /etc/mail/sa-update.conf --gpgkey
856AA88A && sa-compile && /etc/rc.d/rcspamassassin restart