Tim Alberts wrote:
> Thank you for responding Rubin. I disable the AWL with main
> spamassassin local.cf config file and the line 'auto_learn 0' correct?

Not quite. If you run "spamassassin --lint" with that directive in
place, you should get an error reported.

Add "use_auto_whitelist 0" to local.cf instead. Make sure to restart
spamd if you're using it.

> However I'm not sure how to determine why they were added in the first
> place. I'm looking through the awl docs, and I think it would be easier
> (and much quicker with less downtime) to just remove the address from
> the awl. I don't see how to do this though, can it be done, and if so,
> how?

From man spamassassin-run:

-R, --remove-from-whitelist Remove all addresses found in mail from
persistent address list

Personally, I'm baffled by all the trouble people seem to have with the
AWL; the only issue I've run into is users pushing their mail quota due
to large AWL files caused by stale one-hit-wonder entries. (Which I
solved by adapting a utility from the SA distribution to trim out said
stale entries.)

(I've been finding the SA man page(s) much more difficult to find
certain information from in recent versions; I understand the divisions
but they're not all that easy to find. The major "standard" plugins
should probably have mention in the "see also" section of
Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf's man page - which is where *everything* used
to be documented.)