On Sunday 10 February 2008, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>Am 2008-02-08 20:13:10, schrieb Karsten Bräckelmann:
>> > So what is the maximum number of files in a directory that one can feed
>> > to sa-learn --ham and expect it to achieve normal speed?

>> Dunno if there are limitations -- however, your 7k messages should be
>> perfectly fine. Just ran a test on a 6k messages mbox file, and there
>> was no noticeable difference to a 30 messages test.

>Yeah, you can even feed 200.000 spams from the bebian lists to it IF
>YOU USE A MAILBOX FILE. But the OP seems to use Maildir or MH which
>is slidely different and he seems to exceed the ARGS limit.
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Guilty, its all in Mail dir format.

Cheers, Gene
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