Michael Scheidell wrote:
> Thank you, as always, you have been !extremely helpful.

why attack me?
> So, your proposal is to block all email from all modern outlook clients.
> Brilliant plan. No, I don't worship MS, but I live in reality.

sorry, I'm not as brilliant as you are.

> We should just block anything with the Thread header, X-Mailers with Outlook
> in it, any outlook/ exchange generated message id's and any of the twits
> that inject Outlook headers from their unix boxen that say things like
> Warning Friends Don't let Friends Drive Outlook

Did I say so? I only spoke of the x-cr-mumble headers.

- The x-cr-hashedpuzzle header contains the recipients. There is a
serious privacy issue.
- the algorithm isn't open. If every company starts adding proprietary
headers, we will no more have a place for the body.
- ...
> Anyone have any HELPful suggestions?
> How to validate it? If it is a hash cash type score, then it could be used
> to validate senders and since it is 'expensive' to vend, it would almost
> eliminate the possibility that it is bulk.
> One of the fields is the number of recipients, so if you want to eliminate
> bulk email signed by hashedpuzzle, you could read that value.

if you can't validate the header, you can't trust it.