Thank you, as always, you have been !extremely helpful.
So, your proposal is to block all email from all modern outlook clients.
Brilliant plan. No, I don't worship MS, but I live in reality.

We should just block anything with the Thread header, X-Mailers with Outlook
in it, any outlook/ exchange generated message id's and any of the twits
that inject Outlook headers from their unix boxen that say things like
Warning Friends Don't let Friends Drive Outlook

Anyone have any HELPful suggestions?
How to validate it? If it is a hash cash type score, then it could be used
to validate senders and since it is 'expensive' to vend, it would almost
eliminate the possibility that it is bulk.

One of the fields is the number of recipients, so if you want to eliminate
bulk email signed by hashedpuzzle, you could read that value.

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