Quoting giga328 :

> Thank you Jeff and Anthony.
> If I'm right, there is big possibility for SpamAssassin to mark as spam so=

> email from for example doubleclick or other companies if there is
> personalized URL in it because it can look like spam or even like phishing=

> If I'm protecting only my mailbox it will be ok to block such emils, but i=

> I'm making ISP email system for hosting email for several companies, there
> are chances that one of these companies will be customer of doubleclick so
> emails from doubleclick for them are ham.
> I know that doubleclick is involved in online WEB advertising (cookie
> tracking, pop-ups, maybe even some executable malware) but I never heard
> that they are involved in email spam. So it is not ok to block email by
> default if they are sending it to their customers.
> So maybe is more reasonable to talk about next questions:
> What is your opinion about possibilities for SpamAssassin to block email
> from doubleclick (and other companies) which are regular email sent to the=

> customers?
> Is it possible to use safe list from MailScanner with SpamAssassin to make
> some rules which will score for example -2?
> I still do not have information about how and why there is safe list in
> MailScanner, but there is something telling me it is there because some
> software will judge wrong We have live users on this list who judged
> wrong!
> Regards,
> Giga

Your assumptions and conclusions are incorrect. I recommend using the =20
files as MailScanner recommends.

Jeff C.