Hi Mous,

mouss wrote:
> giga328 wrote:
>> Hi Anthony,
>> I will ask people from MailScanner also but for my email system is not
>> possible to use MailScanner directly so I'm using spamd. My question is
>> about lowering chances for false positives by having safe list from
>> MailScanner. But since I just started to use SpamAssassing I'm asking
>> is it
>> wise and needed.

> ems, doubclick, salesforce, affistats, ... in a whitelist? looks like
> 1st April came sooner this year.

But it is _NOT_ a spam whitelist. This has been my point all along, you
can't take a list intended for one purpose and use it in a another
situation without understanding what it is there for.

These are white and blacklists for the Phising detection feature, they
have nothing to do with spam detection.

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