David Zinder wrote:
> I ran several emails through SA with -D and search for RBL I find
> things like:
> [2891] dbg: async: starting: URI-DNSBL,
> DNSBL:multi.surbl.org.:worldchanging.com (timeout 15.0s, min 3.0s)
> [2891] dbg: dns: URIBL_PH_SURBL lookup start
> [2891] dbg: async: starting: URI-DNSBL,
> DNSBL:multi.uribl.com.:worldchanging.com (timeout 15.0s, min 3.0s)
> [2891] dbg: dns: URIBL_BLACK lookup start
> Is the "timeout" a concern?

if it happens often, yes. to test, use the surbl web site lookup form
and at the same time try to run host/dig.

> I seem to get it on a lot of lines. But I also see lines like:
> [2891] dbg: async: completed in 0.200 s: URI-DNSBL,
> DNSBL:multi.surbl.org.:informationweekconference.c om
> [2891] dbg: async: completed in 0.351 s: URI-DNSBL,
> DNSBL:multi.surbl.org.:internetevolution.com
> But I don't see anything that looks like an error to me (other than
> the timeout above).
> I changed /etc/resolv.conf to use trusted DNS servers (not Verizon),
> and restarted SA, but that does not seem to help.

trusted DNS servers? don't trust anything you don't run on your systems.