> Hi,
> I'm using Spamassassin through ACLs with the Exim mailserver and have a
> greylisting solution installed called Hermes.
> Hermes listens on port 25 and acts as a proxy server and connects to Exim
> at port 125.
> The problem I am having is that when Hermes sends the message to
> Exim/Spamassassin, the IP address the message comes from is showing
> or localhost. I think this is causing Spamassassin to not scan
> or mark any of these messages. When I disable the Hermes proxy, scores
> are assigned again.
> How do I either disable the auto-whitelisting feature or set Spamassassin
> so it scans mail from the localhost IP?

SpamAssassin will scan any mail that it is passed, regardless of any IPs
or received headers that the message may or may not contain.

Look for a solution in your Exim config, especially in how it interacts
with the Hermes proxy.