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From: Michael Scheidell
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007, at 06:10PM PDT (GMT -0700)

>> update [28512] dbg: channel: extracting archive No data could
>> be read from file at /usr/bin/sa-update line 960
>> fatal: couldn't create Archive::Tar object!

>> Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
>> -MikeD

MS> You might want to look at the README and dependencies.

MS> Sa-update is new to 3.x and requires the perl module 'Archive::Tar'.
MS> In fact, if you have Archive::Tar, you might check the README for
MS> mininum versions

MS> Missing or down rev module could cause the problem

I figured out the problem. I forgot to uninstall v2.6.3 first. So I uninstalled v2.6.3 and then installed 3.2.3 again and everything seems to be working fine.

SpamAssassin won't install unless you have Archive::Tar installed. That package was already installed.