From: "jdow"
Sent: Thursday, 2007, September 13 14:24
Subject: Re: FW: List of 700,000 IP addresses of virus infected computers

> From: "Phil Barnett"
>> On Wednesday 12 September 2007, Jason Bertoch wrote:
>>> Is there any chance we can get a moderator on this, please? This is
>>> clearly not a SA topic and I'm weary of insults, flames, and
>>> advertisements
>>> from Marc.

>> You guys are almost as good as smurf amplifiers. Don't feed the trolls
>> and
>> instead of 30 off topic posts we'd have 3.
>> This is not a new concept.

> And you just fed the troll-chain, yourself, silly person.
> {^_-}

My my - I criticize one of the noise makers by pointing out the
meta-troll's silliness so Marc responds by blacklisting me. This is
getting interesting in a psychological sense.

{^_-} I'm still giggling over it.