On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 11:57:23AM -0700, Loren Wilton wrote:
> >Guess that's not a throwaway dial up connection then. Wow. I'd think
> >that size would make the cost/benefit analysis skew even further to making
> >a spam run unprofitable as they'd be sending so many fewer before they're
> >shut down.

> Does anyone actually shut down zombies these days?

You mean ISPs? We certainly do. When we find out there's a spambot
on the network we disable his login account if he's dial-in, or track
down his DSL card and pull the (virtual) plug on it. He's not turned
on again until he tells us he has cleaned his machine.

> That might mean
> shutting down the legitimate client too, and they could try to sue for lack
> of service.

I believe that is covered in the Terms Of Service that the subscriber
agrees to in order to get service.

> Loren

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