newby 23 wrote:
> How do I disable AWL?

Not sure; check the docs for the version of SA you're using. It *has*
changed more than once in the last year or so IIRC.

> My users_prefs file does not currently have a bayes_expiry_max_db_size
> option in it. Do I simply add one, setting a smaller value?


> If so, how do
> I get a sense of what a good value is?

Trial and error. :/ FWIW, I have a system with a global Bayes DB set
for 1,500,000 tokens, running ~45M, and my account on my personal system
runs ~5.5M with the default 150,000 tokens. It looks like it's pretty
much hardcoded to keep at least 100,000 tokens, so you might get down as
far as ~3M with that setting.

> There's nothing that I can do with bayes_toks?

To actually trim the file, you may have to discard the Bayes database
you've got and train a new one with the new bayes_expiry_max_db_size
value. BerkelyDB doesn't shrink the file when a record is deleted; you
usually have to copy the live data to a new file and move it over top of
the old one.