Tony Le Piane wrote:
>> We have been running our service for almost 5 years and this problem

> started
>> with this ISP client of yours (TELEBEC) last week after they upgraded

> their
>> servers to the latest version of SPAMASSASSIN I'm told. We are now being
>> considered spammers.

Note: It would be a mistake to consider TELEBEC one of our clients. They
downloaded our free software and installed it, but we have no other
relationship to them. (ie: they aren't paying us anything, so there's no
commercial relationship here).

As others have said, your headers look fine. Unless there's something
subtle that's covered up by the copy-paste (ie: missing end-of-line), I
think those headers shouldn't match the rule.

Is there any way you can send a message out see what the message looks
like after TELEBEC has processed it? It is possible (albeit unlikely)
they're doing something that ends up mangling the Date header.. This
would also give you the X-Spam-Status, which would tell us ALL of the
rules spamassassin hit, and tell us what exact version of spamassassin
they are using.