> You're doing a LOT better than I am with it. Makes me wonder if I have
> something set up wrong. My main SA server has a fast dual core Athlon
> and 8 gigs of ram and it can get bogged down rather quickly. I wonder if
> I'm doing something wrong ....

Are you running 64bit OS? If so how stable are things? I thought
about it to get by the 4Gbyte RAM limit but I chickened out since
Directadmin lists 64bit support as beta.

I have a Directadmin server which is basically Apache, Exim, Dovecot
with a nice GUI. I added Spamassassin which now filters about 2000
email accounts. Its recently upgraded to a dual core AMD CPU with
4Gbyte of DDR2 and SATA2 drive. Handles things much better then the
old Socket A 2800+ with 2Gbyte of RAM and PATA drive.

I do not use any blacklists at MTA time except sbl.spamhaus.org. When
I ran others I had to many custommers complain about blocking there
email. This server works in an ISP setting so must deal with 1500+
unique custommers who have differing ideas on how there email should
be filtered. I just add headers and knock priority on hits to low so
they can filter easilly with OE or there email client of choice.