On 18 Aug 2007, Kai Schaetzl said:

> Nix wrote on Sat, 18 Aug 2007 15:14:53 +0100:
>> > Worms and spam have made it impossible for users to use their own
>> > personal mail servers.

>> Really? Fascinating, I'm doing the impossible. I had no idea.

> You should not read that literally. You can, of course do that. But many
> providers will not let you out and many won't let you in. You are lucky
> that this IP isn't in any dynamic list yet, but it's got "adsl" in the
> hostname, so many will block it that way. So, in general, if you want to
> be sure that your mail gets accepted you have to use your smarthost. Or
> you gamble. Your choice.

If anybody is really so stupid as to unconditionally block mail from
hosts merely because of string matching in their rDNS, I'm not sure they
*deserve* to see any email...