Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> MaraBlue wrote on Sat, 18 Aug 2007 00:02:16 -0700 (PDT):
>> there several versions back.
>> I've run --lint -D, and SA is reading local.cf (I can post the log if
>> needed). The only other thing I changed a few days before this started
>> was
>> switching from using openprotect.com's SARE channels to dostech.net. I
>> can't
>> imagine that change would have caused this, though, and the rules pass
>> lint.
>> SA is just...chosing to ignore them.

> How do you know it's ignoring them? Do you deduce this from actually
> checking
> a message that should hit on command line or do you deduce this from
> missing
> hits in the mail you receive? From the above I deduce you just ran -D
> --lint.
> This doesn't tell you much about this. To be sure the local.cf rules get
> used
> you could just add a syntactically wrong one and look if --lint barfs
> about
> it.
> If you see that this works it's likely something within your
> MailScanner-SA
> combination and not in SA.

I know it's ignoring the rules in local.cf because of the spam that's
getting through. Some time back I changed EXTRA_MPART_TYPE to 4.0. Since
upgrading to v3.2.3 spam is getting tagged at the default 2.0 for that rule.
Nothing has changed to the local.cf, the only change is the SA version.

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