> Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> I see. My pov on quarantine is that as most as possible it should not need
> human review. Clients should be bothered as few as possible. I don't
> reject
> any spam, it's all put in the quarantine. If it scores between 5 and 6
> users get a notice, if it is higher they don't.

FWIW, I adjusted the SA config to put the score into the front of the mail
subject on spams. Then when I glance in the spam folder I just click the
subject header to sort by subject, and quickly scan through the dozen or so
really low-scoring messages and either pull out or just delete the ones that
were "valid" commercial mail. Takes about 20 seconds, and if I'm bored I
might do it a couple times a day.

Putting the score there is a REAL help. Before I did that I remember it
used to take me quite a lot longer to be sure I didn't have something real
in the spam folder. Not is ti fast.