I=C2=B4m pretty new to SpamAssassin and maybe what I am saying is nonsense =
somebody else has suggested this, or the test already exists but I don=C2=
know how to configure it, anyway here is my question.

I=C2=B4ve noticed that some spam messages not marked as spam by spamassassi=
n (the
score is lower than the limit I=C2=B4ve set: 5.0. Those emails usually have=
hints that suggest they are probably spam: score about 4.6). These message
are addressed to many people in my domain but the names before the email
address are random. To explain it more clearly, for example, the recipient
in the TO field is something like this: "John" . Very
ofter the CC field includes other recipients like: "Peter"
; "Mike" ; etc... The think is that
the email recepients (user1, user2, user3,...) are real, they exist in my
domain, but the names "Peter, John, Mike" have nothing to do with "user1,
user2, user3", they are picked randomly. Wouldn=C2=B4t be interesting to ha=
ve a
test that checks the "user name-email address" pairs according to some


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