On 8/16/2007 12:39 PM, Marc Perkel wrote:
> OK - it's interesting that of all of you who responded this is the only
> person who is doing it right. I have to say that I'm somewhat surprised
> that so few people are preprocessing their email to reduce the SA load.
> As we all know SA is very processor and memory expensive.
> Personally, I'm filtering 1600 domains and I route less than 1% of
> incoming email through SA. SA does do a good job on the remaining 1%
> that I can't figure out with blacklists and whitelists and Exim tricks,
> but if I ran everything through SA I'd have to have a rack of dedicated
> SA servers.

third-party blacklists are good indicators but they are not perfectly
accurate. the errors make them unsuitable as a sole metric, but are by
definition very good inputs for spamassassin's probability scoring systems.

for those of us that can afford this approach it works very well. I'm
sorry you can't, but that's not our fault.

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