John Rudd schrieb:
> Marc Perkel wrote:
>> As opposed to preprocessing before using SA to reduce the load. (ie.
>> using blacklist and whitelist before SA)

> I do not.
> (greet-pause of 5 seconds; zen and dsbl as blacklists; local access type
> blocks; dangerous attachment filename blocker; and then clamav with
> Sanesecurity, MSRBL, MBL signatures; all of those _reject_ messages
> during the SMTP session before Spam Assassin gets to see them)

Nearly same setup as John. If you have the opportunity to block at MTA
level i think u *really should do this*. (Its around 80% rejects here).
Additionaly i block some TLDs like .ar|br|cl|ru|pl|jp|hu which i dont
have regular mail contact here ...
btw: MTA is Postfix.


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