> I'm using stock clamav with freshclam, and getting 10-12 an hour in
> each maibox. So no, stock clamav does not catch these.
> --
> Jo Rhett

Hmmmmmm interesting

I was telling the same thing recently on this same thread.

YES, they do catch and quarantine them all them rotten buggers.

When I do my clamav, i roll my own rpm and use a spec file from crash-hat


I used to just use his and re-roll yet I do not have time to wait when there
are clamav updates.

He (petr) does it differently than DAG as near as I can tell.

Maybe you can have time and can check out the particulars and if it will
help you.

I know we do not actively go snag the clamav extra sigs

Ummm, here is how we originally used to roll our own from someone elses...


again, now I just snag source and mod the .spec etc and do it that way...

- rh