snowcrash+sa writes:
> i currently use a cron job to
> sa-update --channelfile /usr/local/etc/sa/update-DIST-ch.conf
> sa-update --channelfile /usr/local/etc/sa/update-SARE-ch.conf
> pulling updates, as available, into my system-wide rules update directory.
> if updates exist, then i compile them,
> sa-compile --sudo -D
> resulting in compiled rules that override the non-compiled distro'd files.
> works fine here. and, i /think/ is the generally intended (?)
> behavior of sa-compile'ing.


> question:
> any reason NOT to ALSO compile other, non-SA/SARE rules?
> e.g., FuzzyOcr could benefit from a performance boost. just not clear
> to me if it can be compiled, or benefit if it does.

basically, only body regexp rules:

body FOO /bar/

can be compiled. FuzzyOcr doesn't work that way....