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On Thu, Aug 02, 2007 at 04:38:53PM +0100, neil wrote:
> I didnt see anything in the perldoc, but I have heard the idea some=20
> where. Is this possible? Is is a feature that the devs know about?=20
> Should I raise it as a feature request?

I'm still rather annoyed about this whole thing, but you can check out the
discussion in the original RFE ticket:


In short, it got decided that short circuiting on score wasn't a good idea,
and no one provided code to implement it, so it wasn't.

FWIW: I'd still like to implement it, doing the check once per priority
level would address the horrible performance issues that it had in the
original 2.x code, but I don't have time to code it up. So, patches

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