With short circuit you can stop scanning when certain tests are met.
Eg user is whitelisted.
I'm seeing lots of spam with scores (50+ points) above my cut off and
reject score.

Is there a way for shortcircuit to see the current score and stop if it
is above a certain cut off ?
I don't want to waste cycles just confirming stuff is really spammy.

What I'm thinking of is a $stop_now_score and calling SC and checking at
different priorities to see if $spam_score > $stop_now_score

I didnt see anything in the perldoc, but I have heard the idea some
where. Is this possible? Is is a feature that the devs know about?
Should I raise it as a feature request?

In the FuzzyOcr.pm there is this code which make me think its is likely,
but I'm not a perl guru.

my $internal_score = 0;
my $current_score = $pms->get_score();
my $score = $conf->{focr_autodisable_score} || 100;

if ( $current_score > $score ) {
infolog("Scan canceled, message has already more than $score
points ($current_score).");
return 0;