> dalchri wrote:
>> I've recently put SpamAssassin in front of my Exchange server as an SMTP
>> proxy. Our previous spam filter would provide a 554 rejection notice for
>> anything that was identified as spam. This meant that any FP would be
>> notified so that email would not get silently ignored. Although a
>> rejection
>> notice was sent, we still retained the spam. This meant that when our
>> users
>> got a call from their customer about the rejected spam, they could
>> quickly
>> locate the message without it having to be resent.
>> I would like to continue doing this with the new SA/Exchange setup.
>> Right
>> now I use spampd but I would like to change to Sendmail just because it
>> is
>> part of the default install for Redhat.
>> How would you go about providing a 554 rejection notice? Would you do it
>> on
>> the SMTP proxy? On Exchange? Would you use Sendmail? Postfix?
>> Something
>> else?

> a milter from sendmail, provided you wish to stick with sendmail.
> mimedefang springs to mind, but I have no experience with it.

Any idea for qmail?