i've sa v32-branch, r560837 installed.

i have perl 588 + Mail::SPF installed,

module_info Mail::SPF
Name: Mail::SPF
Version: v2.005

but NOT Mail::SPF::Query.

reading @ SA/INSTALL,

"Either of Mail::SPF or Mail::SPF::Query can be used but Mail::SPF is
preferred as it is the current reference implementation for RFC 4408."

and comments here,


i understand that M::S::Q is *no longer* required.

but, on "--lint", i note,

[470] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail::SPF, version v2.005
[470] dbg: diag: module not installed: Mail::SPF::Query ('require' failed)

other than the above mention of "failed", all tests/finishes ok.

the "'require' failed" originates @

foreach my $moddef (@MODULES, @OPTIONAL_MODULES) {
my $module = $moddef->{module};
my $modver;
if (eval ' require '.$module.'; $modver = $'.$module.'::VERSION; 1;')
$modver ||= '(undef)';
$out .= "module installed: $module, version $modver\n";
} else {
$out .= "module not installed: $module ('require' failed)\n";

but it' not immediately clear to me if M::S::Q *is* a *required*
dependency anywhere else ... or just a typo.