Magnus Anderson wrote:
> At the moment I run sa-learn for learning new messages as spam/ham. The
> problem with this is that it just reports to bayes, not razor2, pyzor, dcc
> or spamcop.
> It is stated in the spamassassin-run manual that spamassassin-run is for
> reporting to these places, and to use sa-learn only if I want to report to
> bayes locally.
> My problem is that I use a DB for user preferences and different bays DBs
> for every user. This works with sa-learn by specifying "-u ", but
> I can't seem to find this option in the spamassassin command. It defaults as
> "root" for me.
> So basicly, I want to run the "spamassassin --revoke/--report" commands as a
> specific username. How can I do that?

su -c "username" spamassassin --revoke...