On 27.07.07 11:42, Justin Kim wrote:
> I am using amavisd-new which uses spamassassin with postfix+mysql setup.
> Amavisd-new is scanning messages and is reinjecting messages to postfix
> through smtp.
> I would like to know how can I manage spam scores so that certain domain
> like yahoo.com gets lower score.
> My user requested that there are false positive when it is sent from
> specific yahoo.com account.

if that's from "specific" yahoo account, then probably owner of the accoune
does something wrong. I'd look at the score to inspect the problem itself.

Then, user can do "whitelist_from_rcvd user@yahoo.com yahoo.com", which is a
bit safer than pure whitelisting of from address. Unluckily, yahoo seems not
to run SPF, which would make such whitelist even more safer.

Or maybe the user from "specific" account is sending from different servers
than yahoo's, which may cause the problem (if those are listed in RBL's)
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