Heads up to amavisd-new users: lots of emails in mailq, stuck at

B18A1524C2D 27169 Sat Jul 28 15:50:18 dngrdpnsfbu@yahoo.com.tw
(lost connection with[] while sending end of data --
message may be sent more than once)

SpamAssassin users, maybe same thing, not sure if spamd would segv.

Not sure where to start on this, if SA should not even pass the key to
DKIM plugin (or mark it trashed and drop it) or maybe have clamav mark I
as a virus first? Or if this is a bug in Mail-DKIM?

I found several systems, running SA 3.2.1, and Mail-DKIM.pm .26 that
will SEGV on a forged DomainKeys signature.
(sample email available upon request)

Run email through spamassassin -t, get this:

spamassassin -t < sample.eml
[54400] warn: Premature end of base64 data at
line 86.
[54400] warn: Premature padding of base64 data at
line 86.

Spamassassin -tL file (because it only does local tests)

Forged DomainKeys:

DomainKey-Signature: a=3Drsa-sha1; q=3Ddns; c=3Dnofws;
s=3Ds1024; d=3Dyahoo.com;
b=3D7e82t8HLAQ0qfIC5km5S508y4E7i95SO0lvW9PSA1Z15Pu Y223b5fHH1W4P9whTcIcS2S=
Uc96rMowPL81M64g1wdmNPF4w47UC6l0S4A93rI13Ma8JK6Gw6 2ItYBgr6O5lr2WRrw6M6V9
5uxAKTERTph61=3D ;

(note the \s\s; gap at end?

I don't think DomainKey signatures have a \s\s; at end (not real ones)

And, no, it didn't come from yahoo, but is forged to look like it did.

Received: from c.mx.mail.yahoo.com (unknown [])
by GSNJSPT01.galaxy.lan (Postfix) with ESMTP id 82BA9524C26

Michael Scheidell, CTO
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