"Giampaolo Tomassoni" schrieb:

> Luca, I'm meaning this behavior should be enforced only by turning the
> user_awl_sql_override_username switch on, and then the SQL 'username' column
> would be filled with the username to be used to connect to the sql db, as
> opposed to the current SA user.
> Actually, when user_awl_sql_override_username is off, you should get a
> per-user AWL in which the sql 'username' column is filled with the current
> SA user. Unfortunately, PersistentAddrList caches the SA username at
> startup, which is when the SA username is the one of the user starting SA
> (nobody in your case). It seems to me that this caching defeats any attempt
> to change the AWL username later.
> You can't obtain a per-user AWL by tweaking user_awl_sql_override_username,
> then...

Does it mean, that it is not possible to have a per-user-AWL if I use the

Luca Bertoncello