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> Da: Luca Bertoncello [mailto:lucabert@lucabert.de]
> Hi, list!
> I use SpamAssassin 3.2.2 and I configured it to use a MySQL-DB to
> manage the
> Bayes and the AWL.
> So, I created the table awl after the documentation, and I write all
> the data
> in local.cf.
> All runs perfectly!
> Now the question: in the table awl I have a field username, but this is
> always nobody.
> I tought, it is the user that receive the E-Mails, but it doesn't seems
> so.
> Can someone explain me, what does this field do?

It is the user in behalf of whom SA is parsing the message.

This may mean the user actually receiving the message, but in many setups
(like, in example, amavisd-new) this is the user running the milter
software. You are probably running SA as the "nobody" user.


> Thanks a lot
> Luca Bertoncello
> (lucabert@lucabert.de)