On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Pedro LaWrench wrote:

> I run spamc from SA 3.2.2 on one host, and spamd from SA 3.2.2 on another host.
> 3.2 was supposed to fix timeouts (* bug 3466: do Bayes expiration, if
> required, after results have been passed back to the client from spamd; this
> helps avoid client timeouts.), but a packet capture shows the following:
> - spamc sends message to spamd
> - spamd sends results back
> [spamd performs Bayes expiration]
> [spamc times out]
> - spamd sends FIN to close TCP connection
> So even though the results are sent back prior to Bayes expiration, spamc will
> still wait until the TCP connection is closed.
> How can this get fixed?

By disabling auto expire and doing it by cron.
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