On Friday 27 July 2007, Ed Kasky wrote:
>At 09:58 AM Friday, 7/27/2007, Gene Heskett wrote -=>
>>On Friday 27 July 2007, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >Jul 27 04:26:53 coyote spamd[10637]: spamd: processing message
>> ><1185524770.16292.235.camel@thor.sulgenrain.local> for gene:500
>> >Jul 27 04:26:53 coyote spamd[10637]: rules: failed to run CG_FUJI_JPG
>> > test, skipping:
>> >Jul 27 04:26:53 coyote spamd[10637]: (Can't locate object
>> >method "image_name_regex" via package "Mail::SpamAssassin::PerMsgStatus"
>> > at (eval 761) line 1359.
>> >Jul 27 04:26:53 coyote spamd[10637]: )

>> >This is a per message occurrence. What should I check?
>> >
>> >Thanks.

>If you did the same thing that I did, it's because when you upgraded
>to 3.2.2, it over-wrote your copy of ImageInfo plugin which has the
>function "image_name_regex" defined. The version that shipped with
>3.2.2 is actually older than the one from rulesemporium and the cf
>for the newer version has the rules defined that caused your errors.
>You have two option if this is the case:
>1. Disable the rules in your imageinfo.cf
>2. Re-install ImageInfo.pm from rulesemporium

I was able to get the rulesdujour script to run, and it may have updated that
file, if so, what filedate/version should I see in imageinfo.cf? Or the .pm
file for that matter. I find I have that file
in /var/lib/spamassassin/3.002001/updates-etc, but not
in the /var/lib/spamassassin/3.002002 tree.

>I took the latter path.
>And as Matt reminded me:
>"Note to self: don't use RDJ or other update scripts on the rulefiles
>that go with plugins.. Or do anything else that might update one without
>the other.."
>Ed Kasky
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Cheers, Gene
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