On Friday 27 July 2007, Justin Mason wrote:
>Gene Heskett writes:
>> And I'm still at a loss as to whats fubar. I took the stuff in the
>> ImageInfo.cf out that was causeing the error, and restarted spamassassin,
>> but its still doing it as of a couple of minutes ago.
>> If I can't revert this problem in another hour, I'll see if I can revert
>> to 3.2.1

>I'd suggest either reverting, or disabling pyzor and dcc; this
>is bug 5574.

I've disabled them, or at least as much as I can find with grep, and it seems
to have helped.

Thanks to all for the suggestions, including the private mail answers.

One of the probs was that apparently pyzor couldn't suid gene, so that was one
of the problems.

Cheers, Gene
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