I'm downloading once a day from only one PC.

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hi Leigh,

Leigh Sharpe schrieb:
> I'm getting 404 errors on my RulesDuJour, for whatever rule I have=20
> listed first in the config.
> If I remove the offending rule from the config, I get a 404 on whatever=

> rule is next in the list. All other rules are OK. Can anybody offer any=

> explanation of why?

Just an Idea

Download Policy: You can download each and every ruleset once per 24=20
hour period per IP address. If you try to download the rulesets too=20
often, you will receive an error message. If you are downloading=20
rulesets from many locations behind a proxy, please set up your own=20
ruleset repository for your clients. Again: One single download of every=20
file per 24 hours per IP address.