On 07/24/07 15:43, OliverScott wrote:
> You need to set a high priority for the meta rules as otherwise they are
> evaluated BEFORE the ClamAV plugin is used (I think?). I am not an expert in
> how SA works, but I eventually came up with the following solution (for
> using several different 3rd party clamav signatures):

> In your case you could fix what you have done (which looks to be taken from
> one of my previous messages while trying to get this to work myself?) by
> making it:
> header __MY_CLAMAV X-Spam-Virus =~ /Yes/i
> priority __MY_CLAMAV 9999
> header __MY_CLAMAV_SANE X-Spam-Virus =~ /Yes.{1,50}Sanesecurity/i
> priority __MY_CLAMAV_SANE 9999
> score MY_CLAMAV_SANE 5

(typo fixed)

> Hope this helps!

Yes, it does! Thanks a lot,