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> Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 6:16 PM
> To: Michael Scheidell
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> Subject: Re: Solved: Was: DKIM vs DomainKeys plugins
> Michael Scheidell wrote:
> What version of Mail:KIM are you running, as I had thought=20
> only the latest version (0.26) supported verification of both=20
> DM and DMIM keys (but I could be mistaken)? I just know that=20
> I use DKIM.pm 0.26 and it works fine for verifying both DK=20
> and DKIM signatures.

..26, but I think the INSTALL says .20 or better works (and in the
dependencies for the Freebsd port, I have .20 coded as minimum)

Ok, I'll run some tests, but the random results here sure make me
rethink DKIM/DK reliability.
Just like forwarding breaks SPF (well, going to 'email this link to a
friend' does too .-), re-arranging the headers seems to break DKIM
(thanks verizon.. Or maybe we should just blacklist anyone who doesn't
follow standards? Woops, that would eliminate email from hotmail,
verison, gmail, msn, usa.net, yahoo, and even spamcop!!!)

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