On Monday 23 July 2007, David Baron wrote:
>On Monday 23 July 2007, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Monday 23 July 2007, David Baron wrote:

>> Humm, with my lashup here that Joanne helped me setup, S78spamassassin
>> starts a few copies of spamd, and fetchmail is started much later in
>> S99local. Its fetchmail that calls procmail, and its procmail that calls
>> the spamd's, so there is no time that SA can be bypassed.
>> I thought everyone was doing it. Somebodies better idea isn't?

>Problem is that the S78 will start spamassassin but that start does not
>necessarily get a valid rule-set. For that, the internet connection must be
>up at the time.

And why would it not be when the network start is S10network?

>So I moved the spamassassin start to a 99 level script. But
>fetchmail can be up before. So I guess the fetchmail start needs to be moved
>to after the effective spamassassin start.
>Problem is that with every upgrade, those rc#.d files may be restored if I
> am not careful :-)

Sounds like it may be time to see why your network isn't up and running. Note
that I am on a desktop here, so network manager, which has so far been the
cause of more network failures than all of my combined typu's ever have, is
NOT running and has been nuked from the system. But, even my lappy, which
uses DHCP, is getting started from S10network, NM has also been nuked there.

Cheers, Gene
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