I would start by banning Outlook along with attachments.
Why stop there, ban -all- Microsoft products from the internet.

Next, I would ban smoking, unhealthy foods, and moronic neo-cons.

Come on, this is Earth we are talking about.

The whole point of SpamAssassin is to attempt to make ordinary people's use of
email tolerable again, under the onslaught of crap. SA, along with the various
external services it employs, does a fantastic job, thanks to a great bunch of
guys who appear here every day.


On Mon, 23 Jul 2007, John Rudd wrote:

> Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>> On 22.07.07 18:47, John Rudd wrote:
>>> As I've said for years: we should just ban attachments. They're not
>>> really useful for anything that can't be done a better way. Which only
>>> leaves them being useful for attacks of one form or another.

>> some people just want, some just need attachments.

> "some people just want" -- yup, no disagreement there. No matter how many
> alternatives you give them, some people just want the ease and convenience of
> attachments.
> "some just need" -- no, I can't agree there. I have yet to come across ANY
> situation where a person _NEEDED_ attachments. As I said above, there's
> nothing that can be done with attachments that you can't do another way.