John Rudd wrote:
> Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>> On 22.07.07 18:47, John Rudd wrote:
>>> As I've said for years: we should just ban attachments. They're not
>>> really useful for anything that can't be done a better way. Which
>>> only leaves them being useful for attacks of one form or another.

>> some people just want, some just need attachments.

> "some people just want" -- yup, no disagreement there. No matter how
> many alternatives you give them, some people just want the ease and
> convenience of attachments.
> "some just need" -- no, I can't agree there. I have yet to come across
> ANY situation where a person _NEEDED_ attachments. As I said above,
> there's nothing that can be done with attachments that you can't do
> another way.

Of course these things COULD be done another way. But not always as
easily or as quickly as with attachments. Can you recommend a quick and
easy replacement to attachments when my boss wants me to send him an
excel file he needs for a meeting with an auditor?

1. FTP? Easy for me to setup and upload the file to the server. But
now my boss has to open an ftp client (yes you can use a browser but
does he know this?) He doesnt even know what ftp is..and now he needs to
use a username and password just to get this file I could have easily
emailed him? Too much work on his part.

2. Put it up on our company intranet? This is somewhat less work than
ftp but since it is publicly accessible (inside our organization), there
would need to be some authentication. This ALMOST worked for us here
except for that time when the ceo needed a report sent to him but he was
not in the building. He wanted it on his to get a
report to a blackberry remotely without email and attachments?

3. ??