Michael Scheidell wrote:
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>> From: Matt Kettler [mailto:mkettler_sa@verizon.net]
>> Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2007 11:21 AM
>> To: Michael Scheidell
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>> Subject: Re: DKIM vs DomainKeys plugins
>> Looking at the messages, apparently verizon re-arranges the
>> message headers for no good reason.

> Being on the ICSA labs anti-spam consortium, and ICSA labs just
> purchased by verizon, maybe I can mention it needs fixing.;

Well, they're also partnered with yahoo for email services (ie: you have
the option of using MSN, yahoo, or verizon's own mailservers). You'd
think that partnership would cause them to have an interest in making DK
work.. but....

> OBVIOUSLY, a meta DKIM_SIGNED && !DKIM_VERIFIED with a high score would
> FP on verison.
> (and I would say that if verizon violates RFC.. But then again, that is
> another argument)
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They also don't insert any kind of return-path or similar header, so by
the time I get my email I can't tell what the envelope sender was.

In general Verizon is nearly as incompetent as Comcast is, so I'd not
expect to get terribly far.