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Robert Schetterer schrieb:
> Matus UHLAR - fantomas schrieb:
>>> Hendrik Helmvoigt wrote:
>>>> This night it seems like we're beeing spammed again by xml documents,
>>>> but this time neatly packed into a zipfile:
>>>> I'm really excited whats going to happen next. Maybe psd files embedded
>>>> in pdf and then rar'ed.
>>>> And i'd still like to meet the person that goes through all that trouble
>>>> to read that spam, and then performs the action that the spammer wants
>>> >from him.

>> On 22.07.07 18:47, John Rudd wrote:
>>> As I've said for years: we should just ban attachments. They're not
>>> really useful for anything that can't be done a better way. Which only
>>> leaves them being useful for attacks of one form or another.

>> some people just want, some just need attachments. I think that if a filter
>> (word plugin is used with different meaning in SA) would preprocess/convert
>> those attachments to text, SA could just run standard rules over it and
>> catch unwelcome words, do BAYES check over it, etc etc.

>> So the words "dear winner" would match no matter if stored in text, HTML,
>> .doc (tnef), gif or pdf ...

>> Is there any such plan for SA?

> Hi all,
> meanwhile
> http://sanesecurity.co.uk/clamav/
> catches also these zip spam

i forgot
read the story here


and thx to steve for its work

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