> > which MTA are you using? The clamav plugin should reject the e-mail the
> > same way SA plugin does that (with much less CPU time spent)

On 22.07.07 15:32, Robert - eLists wrote:
> Uhlar

.... and I thought that spelling my surname in capitals would preserver from
this title ...

> I use qmail-scanner-queue.pl, clamav, spamassassin and qmail
> I can reject spam over a certain scoring threshold this way, yet I have not
> figured out a way to just reject email based upon having a virus signature
> per clamav.

what does clamav checking in that scanner do then? It should call clamdscan
asap (before SA) and when a virus is found, the mail should be imediately
rejected, the same way it's rejected when SA tells so.

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