> Hendrik Helmvoigt wrote:
> >This night it seems like we're beeing spammed again by xml documents,
> >but this time neatly packed into a zipfile:
> >
> >I'm really excited whats going to happen next. Maybe psd files embedded
> >in pdf and then rar'ed.
> >
> >And i'd still like to meet the person that goes through all that trouble
> >to read that spam, and then performs the action that the spammer wants
> >from him.

On 22.07.07 18:47, John Rudd wrote:
> As I've said for years: we should just ban attachments. They're not
> really useful for anything that can't be done a better way. Which only
> leaves them being useful for attacks of one form or another.

some people just want, some just need attachments. I think that if a filter
(word plugin is used with different meaning in SA) would preprocess/convert
those attachments to text, SA could just run standard rules over it and
catch unwelcome words, do BAYES check over it, etc etc.

So the words "dear winner" would match no matter if stored in text, HTML,
..doc (tnef), gif or pdf ...

Is there any such plan for SA?
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