On Monday 23 July 2007, David Baron wrote:
>>I mean the obvious stuff like "viagra" and such. Usually the spam is caught
>>but sporadically it does get through.
>>What is happening.

>Simply, there are no X-Spam headers on these (and none or some of the "ham"
> as well). In other words, messages are being delivered before sa is
> running!
>Originally, I was starting everything by their standard packaged /etc/init.d
>scripts. All is fine except sa would start before the internet connection
> was working, sa_update would fail, leaving ALL spam getting through! (To
> me, this behavior is a bug--no sa_update today? Leave yesterday's rules
> intact.)
>So I included in my 99z_end-all-catch-all script (needed because of other
>things) which tries until ntpdate has worked implying a working internet
>connection and then ran sa_update and started spamassassin from there. The
>problem is now a catch 22: Fetchmail and exim are running beforehand and a
>few messages can get delivered before sa comes up.
>I could move all of this to my script but there must be a better, more
> correct and standard way to accomplish this. Any ideas?

Humm, with my lashup here that Joanne helped me setup, S78spamassassin starts
a few copies of spamd, and fetchmail is started much later in S99local. Its
fetchmail that calls procmail, and its procmail that calls the spamd's, so
there is no time that SA can be bypassed.

I thought everyone was doing it. Somebodies better idea isn't?

Cheers, Gene
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