On Mon, 2007-07-23 at 03:35 +0200, Hendrik Helmvoigt wrote:
> This night it seems like we're beeing spammed again by xml documents,
> but this time neatly packed into a zipfile:
> I'm really excited whats going to happen next. Maybe psd files embedded
> in pdf and then rar'ed.
> And i'd still like to meet the person that goes through all that trouble
> to read that spam, and then performs the action that the spammer wants
> from him.

You are right in that. I dont think spammers are getting any positive
hits. Probably the spammer of today no longer wishes to reach the end
user with such mails

IMHO it is either that

1) Spammers just want to exasperate the smaller spam filter providers by
sending worthless spam. I have heard so many times the stupid
declaration that spamassassin is "useless".

2) The Anti-spam giants ( with so many takeovers very few players left
now ) are funding these spammers for obvious reasons

> arni