>I mean the obvious stuff like "viagra" and such. Usually the spam is caught
>but sporadically it does get through.

>What is happening.

Simply, there are no X-Spam headers on these (and none or some of the "ham" as
well). In other words, messages are being delivered before sa is running!

Originally, I was starting everything by their standard packaged /etc/init.d
scripts. All is fine except sa would start before the internet connection was
working, sa_update would fail, leaving ALL spam getting through! (To me, this
behavior is a bug--no sa_update today? Leave yesterday's rules intact.)

So I included in my 99z_end-all-catch-all script (needed because of other
things) which tries until ntpdate has worked implying a working internet
connection and then ran sa_update and started spamassassin from there. The
problem is now a catch 22: Fetchmail and exim are running beforehand and a
few messages can get delivered before sa comes up.

I could move all of this to my script but there must be a better, more correct
and standard way to accomplish this. Any ideas?