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On Sat, Jul 21, 2007 at 06:52:14PM -0400, WebTent wrote:
> Do I need to tweak my rules scores to catch or is someone else able to
> block these otherwise? All of these seem to hit the same two rules,
> would it be OK to test for only those two rules and block or raise their
> score, or would that hit too much ham?
> 0.6 GMD_PDF_ENCRYPTED BODY: Attached PDF is encrypted
> 1.0 TVD_PDF_FINGER01 Mail matches standard pdf spam fingerprint

I don't know what the first rule is so have no information about its hit
rates. The second one hits 0 ham in the SA nightly test runs. If you aren=
likely to receive legit mails in a similar format, feel free to up that sco=

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